Astronomical & Meteorological Society


Advisor:Mr Yu Kam Fung         余甘楓老師
Ms Lai Shuk Yi             黎淑怡老師
Entry Requirement:S1-S5 students are welcome
Entry Limit:No limit
Day and Time of Meetings:TBC
No. of Meetings:5 / year
Activities:– Meetings
– Visit Astronomical / Meteorological
– OrganizationsStargazing Camp/Night
– Astronomical / Meteorological Competitions
Entry Fee:N/A
Remarks:Our society is to let students enjoy the miracle of nature with the experience of stargazing and atmospheric exploration, thereby stimulating students’ interest in physics and geography. 學會旨在讓同學通過觀星和大氣探索的體驗來享受大自然的奇蹟,從而引發同學對物理及地理的興趣。