Entrepreneurial Society


Advisor:Mr CHOI HO YIN                蔡濠賢 老師
Mr WONG CHUN FUNG    黃浚峰老師
Entry Requirement:S1-S5 students are welcome
Entry Limit:About 20 
Day and Time of Meetings:TBC
No. of Meetings:TBC
Activities:• 營商活動 Company Programme
°年宵市集Chinese New Year Fair
°德雅公司 TN Company
• 大富翁比賽 “Monopoly” Board Game Competition
Entry Fee:N/A
Remarks:Our Society emphasizes Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. The society also offers students opportunities to develop interest and knowledge in economics and business and realize their potential. Therefore, students can be equipped with generic leadership skills and be responsible servant leaders.