Incorporated Management Committee

2021-2023 Incorporated Management Committee of

Tak Nga Secondary School

 Categories of School Managers Name
 School Sponsoring Body Manager Sr Chan Wai Fan Mabel (Supervisor)
 School Sponsoring Body Manager Sr Tsang Mei King
 School Sponsoring Body Manager Sr Cheung Sau Ching
 School Sponsoring Body Manager Dr Chung Kam Man Thomas
 School Sponsoring Body Manager Ms Fok Oi Yiu
 School Sponsoring Body Manager Mr Chan Wai Chiu
 School Sponsoring Body Manager Ms Lee Wing Cheung Virginia
 Alternate School Sponsoring Body Manager Ms Leung Lai Wah
 Ex-officio Manager and Secretary Ms Cheung Ka Wai Winnie
 Teacher Manager Mr Chow Kin Fai
 Alternate Teacher Manager Ms Chang Ka Man
 Parent Manager Ms Kwok Sau Hing
 Alternate Parent Manager Ms Han Qing Xia
 Alumni Manager Ms Tong Oi Ling
 Independent Manager Mr Lam Wai Hung