Pastoral Care Committee

Advisor:Ms Cheung Ka Wai, Ms Wong Ka Wai
Chairperson:Ms. Chan Sin Yu
Members:    Ms. Lai Suet Kwan
Ms. Tam Ka Ying
Ms. Tse Kit Ying
Ms. Tom Miu Ling
Ms. Yau So Fan
Ms. Au Yeung Yuen Yee (Social Worker)
Ms. Chong Ka Ki (Social Worker)
Ms. Lau Ho Yee (EP)
Supporting staff:Ms. Ip Cheuk Yan Joyce


1. Promote a caring and inclusive school culture 
2. Enhance teachers’ capacity in providing pastoral care for students

Sunshine Generation
Sunshine Generation is a student organization under Pastoral Care Committee, formed by 43 passionate, caring, and creative F3 to F5 Big Sisters. Sunshine Generation offers social and academic support to help S.1 students adapt to secondary school life more quickly

Promotion of Mental Health

Inclusive Education

Useful Resources:

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  2. 賽馬會平行心間﹕