Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

We envisage our students to develop their potential fully and be responsible global citizens who live up to our school motto: wisdom, courage, diligence and perseverance. Embracing the essence of ‘Serve the Lord in joy, for the greater glory of God”, our students serve the community with joy, passion and serenity. 

Mission Statement

Guided by the impeccable example of Christ the Good Shepherd, our school is committed to provide a loving and caring environment for our students to develop their potential fully.  We uphold the preventive measures founded by the great educator, St. John Bosco:Reason, Religion and Loving kindness.  We induce our students to learn and be good through encouragement and fervent exhortation. We educate our students to appreciate the values of the Gospel and to pursue truth, goodness, and beauty. We cultivate our school as a ‘happy family’ for our students, in which students experience our deep empathy and our real availability with them.