Celebration of 59th School Anniversary Special Programmes

Inauguration of the Student Leaders (30th September 2021)

      Student leaders play an important role in maintaining discipline in schools, which in turn helps them develop a sense of responsibility by fulfilling their obligation. All the appointed student leaders made a solemn vow in the presence of Ms. Winnie Cheung, the Principal, marking a new milestone in their development at school.

Movie appreciation (S4-6 at Festival Grand Cinema) – Zero to Hero (30th September 2021)

      In response to the Catholic value of life for this school year, a movie appreciation event was held. With the tickets generously given away by the school, students are able to reflect on their perspective on life through the movie. Impressed by the tenacity of William So, they have developed positivity and a sense of sympathy towards others who are in need.

5D Kelda Tsang

Movie appreciation (S1-3 at School) – I still remember (30th September 2021)

Our school held a movie appreciation for all teachers and students on 30th September 2021. For F.3 students, the movie we watched is about a marathon which is called ‘I still remember’. At first sight, I thought this movie was not my piece of cake as I do not really like sports. Yet, after I finished watching the whole movie, I realized why it is worthy to watch.

        In the movie, there are a few important quotes. The one I like the most is ‘Cheer for my life at least once’.  In the debriefing session following the movie, the director Ho Lik Hang explained his rationale behind producing this movie.

  He found that many people do not think about what they really want to be or to strive for.  He hoped that this movie could induce people to reflect on their lives.  I hope everyone who have watched this movie can bravely pursue his/her dreams!

3D29 Jiana Wong