Congratulations to Tak Nga Secondary School – High-five Student Engagement Award Scheme

Our school has been awarded the Family and Society Engagement Special Award 家、社連繫特別獎in High-five Student Engagement Award Scheme 樂繫校園獎勵計劃2020-2021.  This scheme aims at enhancing students’ engagement in school life through promoting the connection between the students and the school in five aspects, namely, human relationship 人際連繫, knowledge 知識連繫, action 行動連繫, affection 情意連繫and family & society 家、社連繫.  In order to engage students and parents in school life, the school organized various programmes throughout the school year including workshops for parents on effective communication with their children, social skill workshops for students, surveys on the difficulties encountered by students and parents during ‘Study From Home’ period due to the COVID-19 pandemic and follow-up, service education which engaged our students in serving the community such as CUHK Jockey Club Children’s Eye Care Programme, etc.  In addition, the school provided sufficient e-Devices to students in need for e-Learning at home during the ‘Study From Home’ period.  Trustful home-school relationship has been established.  We are thankful to High-five Student Engagement Award Scheme for recognizing our school’s effort in connecting students, parents, staff and society.

4D Candy Wong