Dance Appreciation at the HKAPA

Tak Nga Dance Troupe paid a visit to the HKAPA to appreciate a dance performance on 3 December, 2021. It was organised by the School of Dance for the Fall Performance. We got a chance to watch three kinds of dances: Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Chinese Dance. As a dance lover, I personally think that the Contemporary one was the best of the show but some of the members liked Chinese Dance and a few others enjoyed Ballet. The phenomenal music, choreography and costumes of the Contemporary Dance amazed me while the atmosphere of the Chinese Dance was very joyous. I have learned much like the patterns of a dance and some of the special effects from the performance, which widened my horizons. I highly appreciate the effort made by production crew and the dancers. This would benefit our Dance Troupe members when we perform our dance for the public dance contest.

3B Cheung Tsa Yau Raziya