Life-wide Learning Day 21st December 2021

Part I – Film Appreciation : Zero to Hero
On 21st December, F1-F3 girls enjoyed a film appreciation in the school hall. They watched a motivational film called “Zero to Hero”, which is about perseverance and family. It is based on the true story of an athlete named William So Wa-wai, who has won multiple medals in the Paralympic Games. The students really appreciate the moving plot which illustrates the support from his family and their perseverance powerfully.

2B Venus Tsui

Part II – Christ Youth Action and FreeUp Music
On 21st December, F.1-F.3 students enjoyed the live performance given by the band named FreeUp Music which was organised by the religious organisation Christ Youth Action (CYA). A total of 11 songs were performed by the amazing band members. Some of the songs were dedicated to the God, Jesus Christ and the lyrics are simply heart-warming and beautiful. There was a video show on ‘Who is Jesus?’ In addition, our alumna Miss Yoyo Leung shared with us how her learning experience in her secondary school life had helped her developed Catholic faith.
Surprisingly, towards the end of the show, there was a joint performance between FreeUp Music and our school choir members who sang a joyful Christmas song to kick off the coming Christmas holiday. I really enjoyed listening to the angelic voice of the singers. All of the schoolmates were waving their hands while listening to the serene music which was performed on the stage. It was a fun experience to all of us. The effort that the organisation and the group had made is highly appreciated.

2B Gurung Salina