Smoke-free Elite Programme 2021-2022

During the summer holiday of 2021, we joined the “Smoke-free Elite Programme” organised by the Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health. During the programme, all participants had to form groups and organize a series of events to promote the message of “smoke-free”.

As a start, we joined a class to have a basic understanding of cigarettes.

For example, we learnt that smoking cigarettes will increase the opportunity of getting more than 20 diseases, including COVID-19. Besides, we had a great visit to the University of Hong Kong. There was advanced technology for medical students to learn with, such as AI facilities and VR. We benefited a lot indeed from the visit.

After the lesson, we were required to organise some activities based on the aim of our programme, which is to raise teenagers’ awareness of the dangers of smoking. We had various meetings and came up with many ideas, for example, ‘Board Display’, ‘Lyrics Recomposing’, ‘Smoke-free Bookmark Designing Competition’ and ‘Game Booth’. Throughout the process, we realised that it is always easy to come up with creative ideas but is always hard to carry them out. In each event, we had a lot of arguments on different issues, such as whether our budget could afford such expenses, or if the activity would be too boring for our classmates. Despite the arguments, we succeeded in holding each event successfully.

One of the most unforgettable experiences during the programme was setting up the game booths. It was challenging for us to take charge of the game booths by ourselves. We had to plan and discuss all the details of the booths, from which games to adopt to how to decorate the booth. We had to stay for long hours to prepare the games.   13th and 14th January were our BIG DAYs.  The Smoke-free Game Booths were set up Our schoolmates were so supportive that many schoolmates gather at the hall to play the games on the day. All of us were so satisfied with the success of holding a challenging event, and no doubt the objectives of the project have been fully achieved.

Last but not least, I would like to express ourgratitude to our teachers. Without their support and guidance, wecould never have made it. I am also proud of each team member. No matter how hard things were, we tried our best. Besides, I have learnt how to be a considerate leader who takes care of every member’s feelings.

Such a memorable and meaningful experience gave all of us a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. We are glad and proud indeed to be a part of the programme.

Thank you.


Health Education Committee