S1 Bridging Programme (24/8-26/8)

The aim of the S1 Bridging Course was to assist new S1 students for their smooth transition from primary to secondary learning.

Day 1: Meeting Sunshine Generation Big sisters and Prefects

To help S1 students familiarize with the school campus, a school tour was organized for them. Sunshine Big Sisters showed S1 kids around the campus while introducing them to various classrooms and facilities. In a bid to make them less apprehensive on their school life, we designed some ice breaking games to let them make new friends in Tak Nga. Sunshine Big Sisters and S1 students both enjoyed the day.
Chairperson of Sunshine Generation

4D Wong Yu Ching Clarie

Prefect Team had given S1 students some PowerPoints about school rules and covid precautions policies during the course. Lively videos in different scenarios were created as a tool for them to gain better understanding on the issues. Also, games were held as providing a pleasant manner for students to familiarise with the rules, such as the role play. We provided a Q&A section for students to know more and to ask questions about the school life in Tak Nga.

Deputy Head Prefect
4D Zhong Wenli Stella

Day3: STEM Activities Micro: Bit Model Hovercraft Competition

Experiencing the teaching and learning in Tak Nga, working principles and related science knowledge (i.e., air pressure, action and reaction forces, torque) of hovercraft were taught to S1 students. They were given an opportunity to design and build their group model hovercraft with classmates.