Inspiring, Eye-opening and fun-filling Singapore Study Tour! 

After waiting for 4 long years due to the epidemic, Secondary Three to Five students finally spread their wings to Singapore by joining the overseas study tour organized by Life-wide Learning Committee of the school!   

The tour was featured at STEM and cultures. Participants got a chance to visit Sustainable Singapore Gallery, NEWater Visitor Centre and Singapore Science Centre, where not only could they learn how science and technology are applied to the daily life, but they could also play a wide range of interactive fun games. They even learned to make chocolate! The stunning Spectra Light and Water Show with laser patterns projected on the magnificent fountains just opened their eyes, allowing students to learn how advanced Singapore’s technology is!   

Apart from technology, students also visited history and culture related attractions, having a deeper understanding of how inclusive Singapore is! Most importantly, they toured Singapore Management University around and know the difference of university life in Singapore and in Hong Kong!