Student Guidance Committee

The Student Guidance Committee, composed of both teachers and prefects, aims to help students raise their sense of responsibility, develop self-discipline and handle their misbehaviour. The Guidance Mistress is Miss Catherine Lee.

(1) School Regulations
School Regulations concerning school uniforms, requests for leaves and expected behavior, etc. can be found in the ‘School Regulations’ from the letter to parents.

(2) School Uniforms
Students should wear proper uniforms to school with a simple and decent look.

(3) Attendance

When a student is too sick to go to school, a parent/guardian should inform the school by phone before the first lesson (7:30 am – 8:00 am).  Upon return to school, the student should produce a sick leave letter to her class teacher.  In case a student would like to request for a casual leave, she should apply three school days before the desired date of leave.  Before making travel arrangements, please refer to the school calendar to avoid clashing with school activities. Absence without valid reasons is truancy.
Any student seeking permission for an early leave should leave the school with the company of a parent or guardian.

(4) Handing in assignments
Students should hand in their assignments before the commencement of the first lesson.  Otherwise, they have to attend a detention class.  If they have failed to submit the assignments of the same subject for 6 times, they will be given a demerit.

(5) Leaving books at school
Students can choose to leave books at school and keep them in lockers to ease the burden of schoolbags.  However, all books should be taken home for revisions before examinations, long holidays or designated activities.

(6) Handling of properties
To nurture students’ virtue of simplicity, our school does not encourage students to use brand name products.  Students should take good care of their belongings but not bring valuable possessions to school.  Please remind your daughters to students should take their wallets wherever they go and write names on books, etc.

(7) Rewards and Punishments
Rewards: To encourage good behavior, merits or awards are given to students.

For examples:

■ (Academic) : Outstanding Awards, Subject Awards and Improvement Awards, etc.

■ (Conduct) : Best Conduct Award, Best Service Award and Bauhinia Award, etc.

Punishment: To discourage deviant behavior, warnings, demerits, offences (minor/major) or suspensions are given to students as a kind of sanction.

For example:


■ Having been late for 4 times

■ Having failed to hand in homework for 6 times

■ Having hair dyed

■ Using a mobile phone at school


■ Stealing

■ Truancy

■ Cheating

(8) Renewal Scheme
To help correct deviant behavior, a student may apply for the Renewal Scheme whenever she is given a demerit. The demerit record will not be shown on her
report card upon successful completion of the scheme.